Who is LanBox® Products?

LanBox Products designs and produces high quality controllers and dimmer packs for the installation and entertainment industry. We have a long history of designing industrial grade products: our first products were brought to the market as early as 1996 using one of the very first online web stores in the world! 

All of our products are designed and built in the Netherlands using advanced design and simulation techniques and produced under ISO9001 quality control. We strive to build products that will last, so we will give a four year warranty on all our dimmer packs and controllers. However, we know there are a large number of our controllers out there in the field that have been operational non-stop for over a decade!


Our vision is to create products that are extremely multifunctional and which will be able to help you solve almost any of your complex light problems. So our dimmer packs can handle almost any kind of load, while our controllers can be used for almost any job.